SE13URE (I pronounce it ‘seizure’, but no-one else seems to 🙂 ) is written by me, Paul. I live in Lewisham, London SE13, and this blog picks up where Bexcentric left off when my wife and I moved into the city from the Zone 6 suburbs in May 2010.

And when I say it picks up from there, well, Bexcentric wasn’t exactly the most frequently updated of blogs, so I’m setting the bar quite low, but I’m hoping I’ll post here a bit more. Might be a good idea not to hold your breath, though.

A lot of content on Bexcentric tended to be about the Southeastern train operating company. I imagine that may well continue to be the case here. But I reserve the right to blog about almost anything that takes my fancy. Hopefully some of it will take yours too.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the posts, especially about the Gateway project!

  2. Hi Paul, There is some public art that is being proposed for under the bridge next to the new Premier Inn, as part of the hotel’s contract. Those who went to the Blackheath Assembly meeting filled in a response form to it but perhaps you and your readers would also like to give an opinion. I think they want as much feedback as possible to be able to have an influence. At the moment it is a yellow/ blue lightbox spelling ‘MAHSIWEL’…. hmmmm. Please let me know if you’d like more info! Alex


  3. I’ve posted a long rambling bit about why the NBFL (aka roastmaster) gets hot air blowing from cooling system, and why it seems mad to paint some of them black (O level physics -white reflects heat radiation black absorbs it – and why some buses have white painted roofs)

    I also explain why testing the system at a bus depot could easily show that it works – but put it on the street and…..

    Bernoulli and other basic physics can be played with to create cooling effects (like that you get sucking in air through your teeth), and the bus even has an emergency cooling option which can be burst-fired but only for a limited effect/period.

    Lets make e-mail contact sometime @BCCletts

    Maybe we need to do what is done in hotter climates – where water bowsers tour the streets soaking them, and as the water evaporates it sucks in heat 10.25 million calories to evaporate one gallon of water, and roughly 19 thousand calories to raise the temperature by one degree Celsius. Just think of how it feels on the street as the water evaporates after a summer shower. Of course grass and trees – watered at night do this rather effectively….

  4. When the first plans come out the was a Debenhams ear marked for the site what’s plan for the development site ?

  5. Hi there Paul, would there be any possibility of getting an email to message regarding a potential interview for dissertation research? I plan to study developments in and around the borough of Lewisham.

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