Lewisham Gateway

From February 2014 until – well, who knows? – the area between Lewisham station and Lewisham town centre is undergoing major transformation – the Lewisham Gateway project.

For various planning and economic downturn reasons, this project was often delayed and shelved since it first came up for planning permission in 2006.

It finally got underway in 2014, but initially the official communications about what was happening were non-existent, so I stepped in and provided rather more detailed coverage here on SE13URE.

This page collects all my coverage in an easier to follow way than my basic WordPress Category page for Lewisham Gateway.

You can also track the project visually as it unfolds, through my ever-expanding Lewisham Gateway Flickr photo set.

Finally, the official Lewisham Gateway web site is here, and its News page does actually seem to be getting updated in a timely fashion, since early April 2014.

Lewisham Gateway posts

Lewisham Gateway changes start today (1 March 2014)

This post brought together everything I knew or could best have a  guess about into one place, to coincide with the closure of the old Lewisham Bus Station and opening of the new bus stand area on Thurston Road – the first sign for thousands of bus passengers that something was afoot.

New bus stand in operation (1 March 2014)

A largely visual post from later that day showing the change of location of the bus stand.

Changes bed in (5 March 2014)

Some reaction and follow-up to the changes a few days earlier – and a bit of site history from the 1890s!

NewLewisham.comms (12 March 2014)

The first signs of life from the developers themselves on the communications front – a leaflet, or at least the PDF of one – I don’t know anyone who actually received a physical copy!

TfL explain why buses aren’t terminating at Stop F (20 March 2014)

The first of a trilogy of posts using information from TfL’s response to a Freedom of Information request I sent in in late February, just before the initial change. This one explains why so many buses are terminating opposite the police station, requiring the use of four pedestrian crossings to reach the railway or DLR station.

Lewisham Gateway: the 27-month plan (22 March 2014)

The most significant of the three from that FoI request: this post sets out on a month-by-month basis the expected progress of the entire two-year highway reconfiguration phase of the Lewisham Gateway project. Well worth keeping track of actual progress against. FYI, it looks like ‘Month 1’ is approximately April or May 2014.

The bus stops of Lewisham Gateway’s future (26 March 2014)

The final post from that initial FoI request sets out current plans for bus stops in the finished Lewisham Gateway layout, including which buses will stop where, and includes a link to my interactive Lewisham Gateway bus network plan.

Official news (and olds) (1 April 2014 – but not an April fool!)

A month after the initial change, the Lewisham Gateway developers have finally started spreading useful information themselves, including a number of good quality online maps etc. This post summarises what information they’ve been sharing up to now and hopes to see this quality continue, crucially in a timely fashion!

Lewisham Gateway 2013 evolution (8 April 2014)

This post comes from a supplementary FoI request to TfL that resulted from the previous one – I asked to see which two bus stops it was that had been removed a year ago from the Lewisham Gateway plan as at the start of 2013. This post reveals it’s the ones outside the police station that have gone.

Petition Southeastern to open the Platform 4 gate at Lewisham station (2 May 2014)

As the Lewisham Gateway developers announce the imminent closure of access to the station via the east end of Station Road, I call on readers to sign a petition asking Southeastern to improve access to Lewisham station from the east.

Lewisham Station Platform 4 gate in Parliament (7 May 2014)

The need to reopen the Platform 4 gate is raised with the Department for Transport in Parliament by Lewisham East MP Heidi Alexander – as the closure of the eastern end of Station Road goes ahead.

Platform 4 gate: the case against (8 May 2014)

I received a letter opposing my petition – read it, and my arguments against it, here.

Phase 2 consultation (7 July 2014)

A brief progress update and news of Phase 2 and a couple of imminent chances to meet the developers.

More bus stop changes from now (20 July 2014)

News of further bus stop changes between 21 July and 18 September 2014, and the latest photo and video updates.

Communication breakdown (28 August 2014)

The official Lewisham Gateway communications leave a lot to be desired on the latest bus stop changes.

Meet the contractors – plus webcam! (10 September 2014)

Gateway news roundup – including a forthcoming event and a brilliant new webcam.

Met the contractors (14 September 2014)

A summary of what was discussed at the ‘meet the contractors’ event.

Better watch out – triangleabout (18 January 2015)

The end is nigh for the roundabout in its current form, as plans to expand and triangulate it for an extended period are brought forward.


More posts on this subject will undoubtedly follow over the coming months and years…

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  1. Why have we nowhere to sit when waiting for a bus outside dlr station I and many others are elderly and in the hot weather need to sit down you have removed our bus stp shelter and seating we need it back now

  2. […] Progress can be followed on the Se13ure blog here. […]

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