Lewisham Central Assembly, 11 October 2012

Tonight saw the latest Lewisham Central ward assembly meeting, including the latest chance for locals to vote on which community proposals should receive money from the assembly’s allocated fund from the council.

  1. bitoclass
    We’re at the #LewishamCentral Assembly meeting. Ten local projects competing for funding from Assembly today – everyone who comes can vote.
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:17:41
  2. bitoclass
    One project, Ladywell Fields café, has already secured funding elsewhere so isn’t going to ask #LewishamCentral Assembly for money after all
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:20:32
  3. bitoclass
    First to present, Hither Green Community Association, who want money for a volunteer project to improve HG’s public spaces. #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:22:47
  4. bitoclass
    Hither Green Community Hall & Arts Society seek a contribution toward running their film/arts events (in lieu of a cinema). #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:24:58
  5. bitoclass
    Lewisham Youth Theatre, free for locals aged 8-21, would like a contribution to their upcoming projects at Broadway Theatre #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:28:16
  6. bitoclass
    Lewisham Library is seeking money towards children’s library services, including storytelling and furniture. #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:30:09
  7. bitoclass
    Friends of Hither Green Triangle voluntarily look after the designated nature reserve between platforms 4 & 5 at HG station #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:32:07
  8. mrdrummerman
    @bitoclass very cool, does it get much wildlife?
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:38:39
  9. bitoclass
    @mrdrummerman Apparently so. Woman said it was a surprisingly large reserve and even has a pond in there!
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:47:49
  10. mrdrummerman
    @bitoclass splendid, I’ll have to pop along with my camera some time.
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:51:12
  11. bitoclass
    St Swithun’s Church wants funding to improve its large & small halls to increase suitability for community arts events. #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:34:14
  12. bitoclass
    Rose Activity Zone seeks money for activities for the 4-12-yr-olds the after-school club caters for. They sing for their £! #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:38:28
  13. bitoclass
    Lewisham Talking Newspaper provides audio recordings of local news, events listings etc for visually impaired people. #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:41:14
  14. bitoclass
    Finally, the Grenada Benevolent Society UK wants to increase Saturday activity provision for children teenagers in the area #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:43:38
  15. bitoclass
    #LewishamCentral Assembly has £10k to distribute to the projects that get the most votes tonight, with a further £3750 at Cllrs’ discretion.
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:46:41
  16. bitoclass
    Woman next to me borrows a pen for voting. “We didn’t realise we’d need one. That’d be a good thing to tweet: bring a pen!” #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:55:56
  17. bitoclass
    Everyone’s wandering around the room interrogating those bidding for #LewishamCentral funding – they all have stalls set up about their work
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:56:51
  18. mjrharris
    @bitoclass missed train. There soon. Reading your tweets to keep me in loop
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:03:22
  19. bitoclass
    @mjrharris Public service tweeting 🙂
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:09:05
  20. bitoclass
    The funding ballot’s about to close – result later! Other topics will be covered in the interim… #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:11:44
  21. bitoclass
    James Jennings from Ladywell Tower Development Trust is talking to #LewishamCentral Assembly about bringing the Playtower bldg back into use
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:15:53
  22. bitoclass
    Playtower’s had some work done to make it watertight etc; next stage is to get it ready for community use for events etc. #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:17:56
  23. bitoclass
    The Playtower is near the St Mary’s Centre, on Ladywell Road – not many people realise that it’s in #LewishamCentral ward, not Ladywell!
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:20:10
  24. respros
    @bitoclass This is one of the problems of using wards for community governance. But the alternative of defining communities is too painful.
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:22:15
  25. bitoclass
    Apparently the Playtower was once home to a swimming pool, making the one opening next year on Loampit Vale #LewishamCentral ward’s third!
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:22:57
  26. bitoclass
    Next, Kennedy Obaze, community safety officer from Lewisham Council, gives an update on community safety in #LewishamCentral.
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:24:34
  27. bitoclass
    Obazee (from whose name I previously omitted an e) wants to spread the word abt what community safety services are offered. #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:28:41
  28. bitoclass
    Quite a lot of focus on youth, from the sound of it – everything from antisocial behaviour to internet safety education. #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:30:41
  29. bitoclass
    Cycling skating safety event on 19 Oct at Lewisham shopping centre, open to all, addressing local concerns re dangerous use #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:32:50
  30. bitoclass
    There’s also a Skate Safe leaflet to educate local young people about where how it’s safe to skate – available from council #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:34:32
  31. bitoclass
    Cllr Stella Jeffrey’s giving an update on Community First, a scheme to help some areas with large increases in job seekers. #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:36:19
  32. bitoclass
    Groups based in #LewishamCentral ward (1 of 3 Lewisham wards) can apply for Community First funding for projects but must match £ themselves
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:38:42
  33. bitoclass
    Time for some community announcements. River Ravensbourne clean-up on 11 Nov at 10am; Christmas lights turn-on, 23 Nov 5pm. #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:40:43
  34. bitoclass
    New swimming pool’s making good progress – apparently the multicoloured glass has been going up – must have a look at that! #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:42:04
  35. bitoclass
    A new #LewishamCentral Assembly newsletter’s in the works – contributions welcome until Christmas; will go out early in 2013.
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:44:10
  36. bitoclass
    #LewishamCentral @mjrharris is talking about the proposed £28m council cuts – http://goo.gl/C7wDK – he’s very keen to hear locals’ opinions
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:46:32
  37. bitoclass
    Attendee promotes his free Black History Month event, with choirs, music, artists, athletes… 8 Nov 5-9pm in Civic Suite #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:49:07
  38. bitoclass
    One last event – the unveiling of the heritage boards funded by #LewishamCentral Assembly last year (http://bit.ly/PqpxQP) – noon on 30 Nov.
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:55:46
  39. bitoclass
    Woman sitting next to us raises concern about big unlit @UKTesco car park by our flats – turns out she lives in our block! #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:57:17
  40. bitoclass
    Someone wants better shops in Lewisham town centre – like, er, Wilkinson’s, apparently #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:58:22
  41. bitoclass
    Lewisham Market attracts a different type of shopper from Canary Wharf, says Cllr Jeffrey. Yes, thank goodness 😉 #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 13:01:37
  42. bitoclass
    Rant about praying outside mosque blocking pavement. “OUR community wouldn’t do that!” Jeffrey: “They’re in our community!” #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 13:08:26
  43. bitoclass
    #LewishamCentral vote result: 1st Talking Newspaper; 2nd H Green cinema; 3rd HG comm assoc; 4th Library; 5th St Swithun’s; 6 RAZ. All get £!
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 13:17:12
  44. bitoclass
    The top five in the ballot I think got all the money they bid for, with the sixth getting about half (all that was left). #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 13:40:09
  45. bitoclass
    We’re home now, having walked here with the woman we met who lives here too! Good community spirit fostered at #LewishamCentral Assembly 🙂
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 13:41:09
  46. Great meeting. Next one’s in February – do come along if you live or work in Lewisham Central ward! (Check yours by entering your post code here and looking at the Councillors column in the results.)