Lewisham Gateway: more bus changes from 28 October 2014

The e-mail that was sent from the Lewisham Gateway developers to their mailing list this evening was exemplary!

Their e-mail clearly sets out exactly what changes are coming up to bus stops from 28 October, in far more understandable a format than has been seen previously, especially when it was left to TfL’s inadequate attempts to communicate complex information about the overall area using confusing, often truncated notices attached to individual stops and/or routes.

The only problem with the info is some confusion around east and west – these directions are switched throughout, as far as I can judge.

So, because the e-mail was so clear, I’m not going to duplicate the effort by writing about the changes myself. I hope they won’t mind me instead reproducing much of their e-mail here (with east and west corrected):

Lewisham Gateway Update

We’re making good progress in creating Lewisham Gateway, a stunning new development that will deliver hundreds of much-needed new homes, new jobs and a better connected town centre.

We are now entering the next phase in creating the new highways network, meaning we will re-open the Lewisham Police Station bus stop (stop E), but will need to suspend the stop closest to the Glass Mill Leisure Centre (stop F). More details are below, including a link to the map above.

We will also be holding our next ‘Meet the Contractor’ drop in event in a few weeks time, on 13 November from 17:30-19:30 in the foyer of the Glass Mill Leisure Centre.

Changes to buses – from 28 October to December 2014

From Tuesday 28 October changes to bus stops will affect routes 21, 47, 136, 225, 321, 436 and the N47 heading west and northwest.

From 28 October Bus Stop E (the Lewisham Police Station stop) next to Rennell Street, will re-open and bus stop F (Lewisham Station) located next to Loampit Vale will be suspended.

If you’re taking any of these services running north or westbound and usually use bus stop F (Lewisham Station) you will need to use one of the alternative nearby stops:

•    Bus stop E (Lewisham Police Station) for routes 21, 47, 136, 225, 321, 436 and the N47

•    Bus stop SG (Jerrard Street, Loampit Vale) for routes 21, 136, 321 and 436

•    Bus stop on Thurston Road for routes 47, 225 and N47

We anticipate that Bus Stop F is scheduled re-open in December 2014 and will be in touch again ahead of this with any further updates to bus stops.

Click here for a map showing where the alternative bus stops are and the bus routes affected.

South and eastbound services (i.e. those using bus stop FF) will not be affected.

Meet the Contractor drop in – 13 November

Want to find out more about what’s happening on our site, meet the team building Lewisham Gateway and let them know your thoughts on how the construction is going? Then please come to our next ‘Meet the Contractor’ drop in event.

When: Thursday 13 November from 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Where: Foyer of the Glass Mill Leisure Centre, 41 Loampit Vale, London, SE13 7FT. Click here for map

We’ll be further publicising the event closer to the time.

…And if the quality of that publicity sustains this standard, I look forward to that!

Lewisham Central Assembly, October 2014

Tonight Lewisham Central Assembly met at Albion Road Methodist Church just off the high street in the town centre.

Topics covered included Lewisham Council’s Big Budget Challenge, reports from organisations funded in the past, awarding of new funds to bidding organisations, and updates on things like Courthill Road pedestrian crossing and of course Lewisham Gateway.

You can read my full livetweeted coverage of it in this Storify compilation (which I’d like to have embedded here, as I’ve done in the past, but they’ve dropped the functionality to publish from Storify to WordPress, it seems).