Lewisham Central Assembly, 5 February 2013

  1. We’re at the Leemore Centre in Lewisham town centre for the #LewishamCentral Assembly, which I’ll be tweeting updates from on that hashtag…
  2. “After talking about Lewisham Gateway for years,” says Cllr @JeffreyStella, “it looks like it’s finally going to happen!” #LewishamCentral
  3. Lewisham Gateway’s big highway network changes were to be funded by LDA, but Boris axing that meant yrs of delay to funding #LewishamCentral
  4. The bus station (just for vehicle breaks, not passenger use) will move alongside Lewisham station Platform 1 this June/July #LewishamCentral
  5. Presentation is by the developers by the way – part of an inspiringly described “corporate vehicle”, gateway development co #LewishamCentral
  6. Vastly altered road network should be finished in a couple of years, at which point the roundabout can be decommissioned! #LewishamCentral
  7. “Our highways engineer is not here yet – must’ve been caught in traffic!” #LewishamCentral
  8. Some tweaks’ve been made since outline planning application was approved in ’09, allowing ppl to “interface with” the river #LewishamCentral
  9. @bitoclass will there be provision kept for DLR extension in future?
  10. Someone asks about plans for redeveloping Tesco. Council officer confirms mooted plans now aren’t being done any time soon #LewishamCentral
  11. There’s a large circulating area at the front of the DLR station, to accommodate big pedestrian flows. (But not DLR ext’n?) #LewishamCentral
  12. All in favour of Lewisham Gateway scheme until I heard they want to call new shopping street Lewisham Galleria! *snigger* #lewishamcentral
  13. Apparently what Lewisham needs more of is “an international coffee chain – it’s way behind”?! Everyone plugs Maggie’s 😀 #LewishamCentral
  14. @bitoclass because the more it looks like any other high street, the more likely you are to attract people from identical high streets? Grr.
  15. There’s outline planning permission for a cinema, but existing shopping centre may do one instead; should get one somewhere #LewishamCentral
  16. Eventually got an answer of sorts about DLR extension potential. I’d say this makes it *slightly* easier, but not simple #LewishamCentral
  17. http://twitpic.com/c16yyu Gateway plan close-up – DLR looks *slightly* more extensible, with work to Molesworth Street…? #LewishamCentral
  18. Only up to 20% affordable housing coming later in scheme; blaming huge upfront infrastructure costs moving roads. #lewishamcentral
  19. Council officer says Gateway’s guaranteed to have retail etc on ground floor – “it’s about extending improving town centre” #LewishamCentral
  20. Really different (pro) attitude to development and new housing at the #lewisham local assembly
  21. That section’s run over a bit so we’re moving on to the next presentation now – this is from Glass Mill, new leisure centre #LewishamCentral
  22. I reckon Glass Mill’s exterior and Deptford Lounge’s contents would be my favourite local building 🙂 #LewishamCentral
  23. Facilities will include regional std pool, teaching pool, studios, spa, 100 bits of fitness equipment etc etc! #LewishamCentral
  24. Glass Mill leisure centre nearly finished. It’s even got a climbing wall… #lewishamcentral
  25. The beautiful façade is made of nearly 2k squares of coloured glass & is an artwork that interacts with nearby sounds! #LewishamCentral
  26. @blogmywiki Might’ve been more to do with lighting/darkening or similar – sounded cool!
  27. This presenter’s more in tune with Lewisham than Gateway developers. Ambient sound example: “When a police car goes past…” #LewishamCentral
  28. Pool has a special magical moving floor for disability access (instead of hoist) – sounded innovative and clever! #LewishamCentral
  29. ‘Grand entrance’ certainly lives up to its billing in artist’s impression – “looks like a concert hall!” comments someone #LewishamCentral
  30. When Glass Mill opens – by Easter – Ladywell leisure centre will shut. Annoying for locals to that, but this looks amazing #LewishamCentral
  31. Glass Mill opening hours: 06.30-22.00 Mon-Fri; 07.00-18.00 Sat-Sun #LewishamCentral
  32. Talking us through all the activities on offer. They all seem to involve exercise. Café sounds good though 😉 #LewishamCentral
  33. Members of Ladywell leisure centre (who number about 600) will transfer to Glass Mill automatically. Same price. #LewishamCentral
  34. Speaking of the café, more details: will be run by local firm Rhubarb & Custard, chosen for their menu quality apparently #LewishamCentral
  35. First Q about this amazing new exercise facility: how many parking spaces? Hm. #LewishamCentral (51, btw…)
  36. Someone’s worried that the facility is so amazing that it will be “swamped by outsiders” travelling from miles around! #LewishamCentral
  37. Well, that looked brilliant – might actually do some exercise when that opens! #LewishamCentral
  38. Ha, @wiilassie & I comparing presentations’ grasp of audience. “Interface” with river? Seen a few Tesco trollies doing that #LewishamCentral
  39. Fellow attendee from our flats brought this, 2009 plan for bus stops once Gateway’s finished: http://twitpic.com/c16ps5 #LewishamCentral
  40. Pages and pages of phased changes in that document too – you may struggle to find your bus over the next couple of years! #LewishamCentral
  41. Updates on the Green Deal and community safety now – resting my fingers unless anything exciting comes up 😉 #LewishamCentral
  42. Now a presentation about a parking consultation carried out recently. Glad to hear pedestrians cyclists were stuck up for #LewishamCentral
  43. Cllr @mjrharris now has the pleasure – “no, this is definitely not a pleasure” – of giving us an overview of council budget #LewishamCentral
  44. Council expected maybe £60m of cuts; actual government cuts now about £100m. Intakes of breath from audience #LewishamCentral
  45. #LewishamCentral @mjrharris says it’s getting to the point now where gov’t could cut so much, council can only provide statutory services 😦
  46. #LewishamCentral @mjrharris explains recent big parking permit cost rises – “we’d’ve had to cut rd maintenance budget, costing drivers more”
  47. Open session at the end of #LewishamCentral Assembly starts with “the hospital: is the battle lost?” “No!” say councillors. #SaveLewishamAE
  48. #LewishamCentral @JeffreyStella says the #SaveLewishamAE campaign is meeting tonight about next steps. “I’d’ve been there if I wasn’t here!”
  49. #LewishamCentral @mjrharris speaking well on #SaveLewishamAE. Furious, and summarising locals’ fury well. This is very far from over.
  50. Next, Courthill Rd pedestrian crossing plans. Dangerous junction for pedestrians. TfL’s plan messy, but better than nothing #LewishamCentral
  51. Someone begs for a zebra crossing or something in the meantime. TfL would never sanction that 😦 #LewishamCentral
  52. (Warning signs for drivers sound a more feasible, if unorthodox and perhaps tricky to word, suggestion.) #LewishamCentral
  53. Fair bit of consternation about TfL’s convoluted plan; it’s unfortunately driven by Mayor’s “smoothing traffic flow” agenda #LewishamCentral
  54. The next Lewisham Central Assembly will apparently be during the day on Saturday 10 June 2013.