Lewisham Now (then)

Two years ago today, local infectiously-catchy-tunesmith Cesar Laser uploaded onto YouTube this wonderful tribute to his home borough (the song refers to town but I’d say from the video he probably lives in Catford) – Lewisham Now:

I only became aware of its existence late last year, when Londonist found and shared it, but since then it’s a near-guaranteed earworm whenever anyone says “Lewisham” to me – and, since I live near the station and use a lot of public transport with automatic destination announcements, that’s pretty often.

The track shows its age only insofar as it would surely be impossible to write such a song now without referencing our more recently famous hospital, and I’d like to think quick shots of 2013/14-opened Coffee Addict and Bucketmouth would also have fitted the mood nicely, but other than that this still very much captures the town, and indeed borough, I know and love.

Since my blog is no longer dormant, I thought I’d mark this second anniversary of YouTube gaining this local delight by attempting to spread it into a few more people’s ears. Reader, I bought the MP3.