Next Lewisham Central Assembly meeting announced

The next meeting of Lewisham Central Assembly will be held on Saturday 24 January 2015 at 12 noon at Hither Green Baptist Church on Theodore Road.

The agenda has been published on Lewisham Council’s site and includes a presentation and Q&A on this new ‘pop-up’ housing proposal for the former Ladywell Leisure Centre site (looks beautiful!), as well as a funding vote and updates on various issues including SE13URE favourite Lewisham Gateway.

I intend to go and livetweet proceedings, so will publish my tweets on SE13URE afterwards too. (Last time’s tweets are here.) If you live, work or study in Lewisham Central ward [PDF map], come along!

Lewisham Central Assembly, October 2014

Tonight Lewisham Central Assembly met at Albion Road Methodist Church just off the high street in the town centre.

Topics covered included Lewisham Council’s Big Budget Challenge, reports from organisations funded in the past, awarding of new funds to bidding organisations, and updates on things like Courthill Road pedestrian crossing and of course Lewisham Gateway.

You can read my full livetweeted coverage of it in this Storify compilation (which I’d like to have embedded here, as I’ve done in the past, but they’ve dropped the functionality to publish from Storify to WordPress, it seems).

Lewisham Gateway: Phase 2 consultation

I haven’t posted here about Lewisham Gateway lately, just because the project has been merely ticking along roughly according to plan – we’re in about Month 3 of 27 of Phase 1 and accordingly:

  • the old bus station site and former Station Road have been utterly destroyed and the river beneath them has been exposed and is being messed about with;
  • the Rennell Street car park closed, on 16 June, and combined with the former hillock where Save Lewisham Hospital marches used to set off from has become another hoarded-off section of building site;
  • a week from today, on Monday 14 July, ‘major roadworks’ begin around the roundabout: this’ll be the beginning of the end for the triangular islands in the centre of each road off the roundabout, and see various traffic signals moved into barrels for ease of manipulation – and the Glass-Mill-to-DLR pedestrian crossing moved to the Glass Mill side of its neighbouring railway bridge.

I continue to update my ongoing set of Lewisham Gateway progress photos (newest first), which generally have descriptive captions, so do check in on those from time to time if you wonder how things are going. Here are a couple of recent highlights…

Goodbye, Station Road bridge:

Lewisham Gateway progress 1 July 2014
Lewisham Gateway progress 3 July 2014

Rennell Street site:

Lewisham Gateway progress 4 July 2014


Phase 2 plans

But even as Phase 1 makes progress through its 27-month plan, the developers have their eye on Phase 2, and as such have updated their web site with a new page consulting on their plans for Phase 2.

A particularly striking thing about Phase 2 is that this isn’t the phase in which the reclaimed roundabout site gets redeveloped, or anything much happens anywhere south of that towards Rennell Street: no, this is actually the completion of what you or indeed I may vaguely have in the backs of our heads as being Phase 1 – the development of the former bus station and Station Road site.

Phase 2 of Lewisham Gateway is mainly about building new homes (flats) to the north of the new Confluence Place park – essentially, a strip of flat-building roughly where the eastern arm of Station Road ran until it closed recently.

Consultation exhibition

As well as the information and feedback form on the web site, there’s a chance to go to two exhibitions about the proposals next week, and indeed to “find out more about the work already taking place now”, which is perhaps the more alluring prospect:

Friday 18 July, 14.30–19.00

Leemore Centre
29-39 Clarendon Rise
SE13 5ES

Saturday 19 July, 10.30–15.00

Centre Square
Lewisham Shopping Centre
Lewisham High Street
SE13 7HB

No, I’m not 100% sure what ‘Centre Square’ is myself but I assume it’s probably the interior space in the shopping centre, next to Muffin Break.

So, what’s in store on the Lewisham Gateway site? When will some affordable housing put in its first appearance? (Phase 2, I hope – it was disappointingly dropped from Phase 1 to ensure the developer went ahead with the huge highway reconfiguration.) Just how many Phases will there actually be by the end of the Lewisham Gateway project? When is the end of the Lewisham Gateway project going to be anyway? All questions we may be able to get some kind of answers to at the end of next week – should be worth dropping in!

Catford Bus Garage open day, 10 May 2014

This is arguably a little south of my patch but since I’ve been passed this info and it doesn’t appear to be among TfL’s online press release archive I thought I’d share it. After all, virtually all the bus routes based at Catford Bus Garage serve Lewisham town centre!

Pic by Eddie, on Flickr (licensed by Creative Commons)

TfL say the following, occasional bits of which you may wish to take with a pinch of salt and/or contrast with their current Chair’s approach to the bus service (raise fares, freeze virtually all expansion, pour money into a vanity bus staffed by a health+safety inspector):

On Saturday 10 May 2014, the Catford Bus Garage in south east London will open its doors to members of the public in the first of a series of bus garage open days across the capital in celebration of the Year of the Bus.

Visitors to the Catford Bus Garage, which is operated by Stagecoach London and celebrates its centenary this year, will get the chance to:

  • Take a free ride on vintage and other interesting buses – 54v (Catford Bus Garage to Elmers End Station) and 47v (Shoreditch to Farnborough via Catford Bus Garage);
  • View the Year of the Bus mobile exhibition which tells the story of the London Bus and looks to its future;
  • Ride on a bus as it goes through the bus wash;
  • See behind the scenes in the maintenance area;
  • Take part in family activities about how to use the transport system safely and responsibly with the Transport for London (TfL) Safety and Citizenship team and pick up your free bus-themed family activity pack;
  • Get up close and personal with objects from the London Transport Museum collection and find out more about the stories behind them with the Tickets Please! handling collection;
  • Browse the London Transport Museum pop-up shop selling exclusive Year of the Bus gifts, and stalls selling centenary merchandise and bus-related memorabilia.

The bus garage open days are part of TfL’s celebrations to mark the Year of the Bus, in partnership with London Transport Museum and the capital’s bus operators.

Events and activities are being held throughout 2014 to celebrate the role that London buses, bus drivers and the staff who support them play in keeping the capital moving, and mark a number of important anniversaries. These include 60 years since the creation of the original and iconic Routemaster, 75 years since the launch of its predecessor the RT-type bus, and 100 years since hundreds of London buses were sent to the Western Front to play a crucial role during the First World War.

Catford Bus Garage was opened on 11 May 1914 and closed under a year later when it was commandeered by the War Department for use as a repair depot for buses during the First World War. It re-opened in October 1920 and in the early 1930s had its roof raised to accommodate double decker buses and again in 1948 to make space for the RT-type bus. It has been modernised a number of times over the years but its attractive exterior remains the same as it was 100 years ago.

Buses are a vital daily service for millions and one that is very local, with the vast majority of Londoners (95 per cent) never more than 400 metres from a bus stop.  Buses link homes to jobs, schools and hospitals in every part of the capital.  They are the backbone, and often the forgotten workhorses, of London’s transport network.

Other London bus garages opening their doors on Saturdays this summer are Alperton Bus Garage (7 June), Stockwell Bus Garage (21 June), Fulwell Bus Garage (28 June), Potters Bar Bus Garage (5 July) and Walworth Bus Garage (19 July). There will also be an open day at Dartford Bus Garage on Sunday 7 September.

Further information about bus garage open days and other Year of the Bus events can be found at and

They also provide some ‘notes for editors’, or ‘additional information’ as I like to call it before pasting it below:

  1. Catford Bus Garage has 152 buses operating on 17 routes. There are 450 staff based there. The bus garage has operated route 124 continuously since 1938.

They don’t list the routes, so I will, thanks to 47, 75, 124, 136, 178, 199, 208, 273, 354, 356, 380, 621, 660, P4, N47, N136. (Yes, that is only 16 routes, not 17 – I wonder if the 54’s moving back there on 3 May when Stagecoach take it over from Metrobus?)

  1. Free vintage bus rides are available throughout the day from Catford Bus Garage on Saturday 10 May. Timetables for both services – 54v and 47v – are available at
  2. The 54v will leave Catford Bus Garage every 20 minutes for Elmers End Station between 11:00 and 15:00 (journey time: 21 minutes). Buses will travel back from Elmers End Station to Catford Bus Garage every 20 minutes from 11:21 to 15:21.
  3. The 47v will leave Shoreditch High Street stop N at 08:03 and travel via London Bridge, Canada Water Station, Lewisham Station, Catford Town Hall, Catford Bus Garage (arriving 09:01), Bromley South Station, Bromley Bus Garage and terminate at Farnborough Village at 09:37. The 47v will then leave Farnborough Village for its return journey at 09:52 arriving at Catford Bus Garage at 10:30. It then leaves Catford Bus Garage at 16:18 and arrives at Shoreditch at 17:25.

Since I found this canvas cruelly discarded in my block of flats’ bin room, and obviously rescued, fixed and hung it, I feel a particular affinity for the 47 route of days gone by, so you’ll no doubt find me on the 47v!

I should probably nick this (broken) from the bin room before the refuse collectors come tomorrow, shouldn't I?

Lewisham Central Assembly, 11 October 2012

Tonight saw the latest Lewisham Central ward assembly meeting, including the latest chance for locals to vote on which community proposals should receive money from the assembly’s allocated fund from the council.

  1. bitoclass
    We’re at the #LewishamCentral Assembly meeting. Ten local projects competing for funding from Assembly today – everyone who comes can vote.
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:17:41
  2. bitoclass
    One project, Ladywell Fields café, has already secured funding elsewhere so isn’t going to ask #LewishamCentral Assembly for money after all
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:20:32
  3. bitoclass
    First to present, Hither Green Community Association, who want money for a volunteer project to improve HG’s public spaces. #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:22:47
  4. bitoclass
    Hither Green Community Hall & Arts Society seek a contribution toward running their film/arts events (in lieu of a cinema). #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:24:58
  5. bitoclass
    Lewisham Youth Theatre, free for locals aged 8-21, would like a contribution to their upcoming projects at Broadway Theatre #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:28:16
  6. bitoclass
    Lewisham Library is seeking money towards children’s library services, including storytelling and furniture. #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:30:09
  7. bitoclass
    Friends of Hither Green Triangle voluntarily look after the designated nature reserve between platforms 4 & 5 at HG station #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:32:07
  8. mrdrummerman
    @bitoclass very cool, does it get much wildlife?
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:38:39
  9. bitoclass
    @mrdrummerman Apparently so. Woman said it was a surprisingly large reserve and even has a pond in there!
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:47:49
  10. mrdrummerman
    @bitoclass splendid, I’ll have to pop along with my camera some time.
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:51:12
  11. bitoclass
    St Swithun’s Church wants funding to improve its large & small halls to increase suitability for community arts events. #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:34:14
  12. bitoclass
    Rose Activity Zone seeks money for activities for the 4-12-yr-olds the after-school club caters for. They sing for their £! #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:38:28
  13. bitoclass
    Lewisham Talking Newspaper provides audio recordings of local news, events listings etc for visually impaired people. #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:41:14
  14. bitoclass
    Finally, the Grenada Benevolent Society UK wants to increase Saturday activity provision for children teenagers in the area #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:43:38
  15. bitoclass
    #LewishamCentral Assembly has £10k to distribute to the projects that get the most votes tonight, with a further £3750 at Cllrs’ discretion.
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:46:41
  16. bitoclass
    Woman next to me borrows a pen for voting. “We didn’t realise we’d need one. That’d be a good thing to tweet: bring a pen!” #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:55:56
  17. bitoclass
    Everyone’s wandering around the room interrogating those bidding for #LewishamCentral funding – they all have stalls set up about their work
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 11:56:51
  18. mjrharris
    @bitoclass missed train. There soon. Reading your tweets to keep me in loop
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:03:22
  19. bitoclass
    @mjrharris Public service tweeting 🙂
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:09:05
  20. bitoclass
    The funding ballot’s about to close – result later! Other topics will be covered in the interim… #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:11:44
  21. bitoclass
    James Jennings from Ladywell Tower Development Trust is talking to #LewishamCentral Assembly about bringing the Playtower bldg back into use
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:15:53
  22. bitoclass
    Playtower’s had some work done to make it watertight etc; next stage is to get it ready for community use for events etc. #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:17:56
  23. bitoclass
    The Playtower is near the St Mary’s Centre, on Ladywell Road – not many people realise that it’s in #LewishamCentral ward, not Ladywell!
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:20:10
  24. respros
    @bitoclass This is one of the problems of using wards for community governance. But the alternative of defining communities is too painful.
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:22:15
  25. bitoclass
    Apparently the Playtower was once home to a swimming pool, making the one opening next year on Loampit Vale #LewishamCentral ward’s third!
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:22:57
  26. bitoclass
    Next, Kennedy Obaze, community safety officer from Lewisham Council, gives an update on community safety in #LewishamCentral.
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:24:34
  27. bitoclass
    Obazee (from whose name I previously omitted an e) wants to spread the word abt what community safety services are offered. #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:28:41
  28. bitoclass
    Quite a lot of focus on youth, from the sound of it – everything from antisocial behaviour to internet safety education. #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:30:41
  29. bitoclass
    Cycling skating safety event on 19 Oct at Lewisham shopping centre, open to all, addressing local concerns re dangerous use #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:32:50
  30. bitoclass
    There’s also a Skate Safe leaflet to educate local young people about where how it’s safe to skate – available from council #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:34:32
  31. bitoclass
    Cllr Stella Jeffrey’s giving an update on Community First, a scheme to help some areas with large increases in job seekers. #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:36:19
  32. bitoclass
    Groups based in #LewishamCentral ward (1 of 3 Lewisham wards) can apply for Community First funding for projects but must match £ themselves
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:38:42
  33. bitoclass
    Time for some community announcements. River Ravensbourne clean-up on 11 Nov at 10am; Christmas lights turn-on, 23 Nov 5pm. #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:40:43
  34. bitoclass
    New swimming pool’s making good progress – apparently the multicoloured glass has been going up – must have a look at that! #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:42:04
  35. bitoclass
    A new #LewishamCentral Assembly newsletter’s in the works – contributions welcome until Christmas; will go out early in 2013.
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:44:10
  36. bitoclass
    #LewishamCentral @mjrharris is talking about the proposed £28m council cuts – – he’s very keen to hear locals’ opinions
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:46:32
  37. bitoclass
    Attendee promotes his free Black History Month event, with choirs, music, artists, athletes… 8 Nov 5-9pm in Civic Suite #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:49:07
  38. bitoclass
    One last event – the unveiling of the heritage boards funded by #LewishamCentral Assembly last year ( – noon on 30 Nov.
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:55:46
  39. bitoclass
    Woman sitting next to us raises concern about big unlit @UKTesco car park by our flats – turns out she lives in our block! #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:57:17
  40. bitoclass
    Someone wants better shops in Lewisham town centre – like, er, Wilkinson’s, apparently #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 12:58:22
  41. bitoclass
    Lewisham Market attracts a different type of shopper from Canary Wharf, says Cllr Jeffrey. Yes, thank goodness 😉 #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 13:01:37
  42. bitoclass
    Rant about praying outside mosque blocking pavement. “OUR community wouldn’t do that!” Jeffrey: “They’re in our community!” #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 13:08:26
  43. bitoclass
    #LewishamCentral vote result: 1st Talking Newspaper; 2nd H Green cinema; 3rd HG comm assoc; 4th Library; 5th St Swithun’s; 6 RAZ. All get £!
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 13:17:12
  44. bitoclass
    The top five in the ballot I think got all the money they bid for, with the sixth getting about half (all that was left). #LewishamCentral
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 13:40:09
  45. bitoclass
    We’re home now, having walked here with the woman we met who lives here too! Good community spirit fostered at #LewishamCentral Assembly 🙂
    Thu, Oct 11 2012 13:41:09
  46. Great meeting. Next one’s in February – do come along if you live or work in Lewisham Central ward! (Check yours by entering your post code here and looking at the Councillors column in the results.)

Lewisham Central Assembly, 6 Sep 2011

I’m experimenting with Storify as a simple way of preserving my live Twitter reporting of local events I’ve been to, on my blog.

Unlike Twitter (but like a blog post or other normal bit of writing), you can read the below in standard top-to-bottom order to follow last night as it unfolded.

Last night saw the latest Lewisham Central ward assembly meeting, including the latest chance for locals to vote on which community proposals should receive money from the assembly’s allocated fund from the Mayor of Lewisham.

First talk at #lewishamcentral assembly is about sport in the area – all facilities just outside this specific ward, but nearby nonetheless.
September 6, 2011
Council are continuing free swimming for young people, and new leisure contract requires London Living Wage for all staff #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Loampit Vale leisure centre opens in 2013 (as, of course, does the currently shut Bus Stop F 😉 ) #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Wavelengths’ library facilities will move into Deptford Lounge; a fitness suite or something (I’m no expert) will replace. #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Onto 2012 talk now – lots of sporty spin-off stuff happening in the borough #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Torch relay route through borough being drafted atm. Good news! It *will* pass Lewisham Bus Station! 😉 #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Money’s coming from Olympics for “look and feel” – making the place look nice for the cameras, esp along relay route! #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
“Legacy” being defined (better than in Twenty Twelve 😉 ) – more sport participation, volunteering, local sport awareness… #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Community Safety update now from the local sergeant, first reading a statement from @ALewishamCop about the local riots #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Police confirm no EDL-related groups have entered Lewisham borough at any point. Some mistook anti-cuts protestors for EDL. #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Police: an EDLy group did march to Lewisham borough but “were stopped at the border & escorted back into Greenwich borough” #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
I do love the image of a border patrol to keep the undesirables of Greenwich borough out of paradisical Lewisham 🙂
The statement from @ALewishamCop touched on the misinformation spreading around social networks too, esp EDL march rumours. #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Police ‘normality’ will resume from approximately next week, apparently. Maybe don’t make too big a thing of that, eh? 🙂 #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Apparently 20-odd ppl came at 9am post-riot to help clean up but had nothing to do: cllr pays tribute to the cleaning staff #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Up next, groups seeking assembly funding will present their proposals, and then we’ll vote on who gets money. 8 proposals! #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
First, Mercator Estate October half-term programme; assembly gave money for a summer version last mtg, which was successful #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Next, Leadership, Citizenship & Community Cohesion Youth Project. Gives teenagers confidence & leadership qualifications. #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Third, Spot The Fun, a sports programme in local parks – Ladywell Fields, if they get the funding in this case. #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Fourth proposal is to bring to #lewishamcentral a Mobile DJ & MC Van, teaching presenting, lyrics and arts skills, with qualifications!
September 6, 2011
Fifth, a Youth Village spanning #lewishamcentral, Ladywell & Rushey Grn, whose presenter’s brought lots of Youth with him, many on skates 🙂
September 6, 2011
Sixth, a proposal for a weekly day-club for older people at St Swithun’s church hall, to reduce isolation/build community. #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
On a locationally related note, the seventh proposal is for acoustic improvements to St Swithun’s church hall to boost use. #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Final proposal is to put Heritage Interpretation Boards in St Mary’s churchyard. Church is oldest bldg in Lewisham borough! #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
If you wonder what a Heritage Interpretation Board is, presenter shows a pic of one elsewhere: #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Voting now! We’re ranking the eight proposals in order but the count is not like AV, which the borough narrowly rejected 😉 #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
In fact, count method is a source of controversy, with the end result that all proposals must be ranked for a valid ballot! #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
(To expand on that outside the confines of 140 characters, having handed out papers that said to rank the proposals from 1 to 8 with 1 as best and 8 as worst, which many people had already been filling in by this point, an attempt was made to reverse the order, to make the count easier. Basically the count consisted of adding up the score and the lower the score the better, but this would only work if all ballots ranked all proposals (since blank amounts to ‘0’, which is better than ‘1’ in that counting method!). They instead wanted people to rank with 8 as best but it was too late and so they had instead to insist on fully ranked lists. Voting systems, eh! Don’t you just love them?)
Not sure about crowd of Youth Village youths who turned up to see presentations and vote, then left. Feels like cheating 🙂 #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Some new people have just been elected to the #lewishamcentral Assembly coordination group – all who volunteered, en masse 🙂
September 6, 2011
Aha, the @LewishamLitFest update now, reminding those present to come to the events we voted to fund at the last #lewishamcentral assembly!
September 6, 2011
If anyone in #lewishamcentral has any public transport gripe, however minor, let Cllr Stella Jeffrey know: transport liaison ctte imminent!
September 6, 2011
AOB while we await vote results. Resident expresses concerns about planned expansion of the Tesco next to our flats. #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Cllr Jeffrey asks if the man’s fed his views into the Tesco consultation process. “No,” he admits. #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
Someone else claims that the best place to shop for groceries is Lewisham Market – much better value than Tesco, he says! #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011
#lewishamcentral vote results: No funding for DJ/MC van, Spot The Fun or Mercator Estate. Part-funding for leadership/citizenship project.>>
September 6, 2011
<< #lewishamcentral vote winners: 1 elderly day club; 2 Youth Village; 3 St Swithun’s Hall acoustic improvement; 4 St Mary’s heritage boards
September 6, 2011

The results were that the four numbered above won the most votes, in the order listed, so all received all the funding requested, then there was still a small amount of money left in the pot, so that went to the project that came fifth, which was the leadership/citizenship project.

That was the end of the money so the sixth-, seventh- and eighth-ranked proposals received nothing (and the order in which they came was not announced).

Surprised by some of those results, I must admit, and obviously sad for those who missed out. Meeting over; next on 29 Nov. #lewishamcentral
September 6, 2011

And that’s it! I hope this format of coverage works for you, dear readers. You’ll have noticed traditional blogging doesn’t always work for me, but I do like a good live-tweet so expect similar future Storified tweet compilations when I go to local events. Such as, of course, the imminent Lewisham Literary Festival – see you there!

Lewisham Literary Festival is coming!

Hello! Apologies this blog has been dormant for so long – I’ve been suffering a shamefully lengthy attack of bloggers’ block.

Anyway, I’m dusting the blog off now because of the exciting news that Lewisham Literary Festival is coming to the area next month and the full programme was published yesterday.

It’s a great line-up with events for all ages and literary inclinations. Personally I’m especially looking forward to the talk about Docklands and the Tall Tales closing event, but I intend to go to as many events as possible, hopefully at least one each day.

I’m also being let loose on the @LewishamLitFest Twitter account to live-tweet some of the events, so those who can’t make it will be able to follow along on there.

This is a brand-new festival which has the potential to highlight Lewisham’s perhaps sometimes overlooked artistic side, so please do come along and show your support so that the festival can make a name for itself and hopefully become a regular local fixture!