Meet the Lewisham Gateway contractors, Thursday 11 September – plus webcam!

Over a week after my last post, Lewisham Gateway’s official News page has had a minor update, providing a somewhat useful map of suspended bus stops and a link to the shorter version of the inadequate information about this on the Transport for London web site.

More excitingly, they also announced a drop-in “meet the contractors” event (not mentioned on their News page, though!) taking place in the foyer of Glass Mill leisure centre on Loampit Vale (SE13 7FT) tomorrow, Thursday 11 September, between 16.00 and 19.30. This should be well worth dropping in on if you’d like to find out more about progress. I certainly would so I’m hoping to make it along!

Latest Lewisham Gateway webcam image

And the most exciting new online development is a webcam overlooking the whole Lewisham Gateway site, from the top of the old Citibank tower above the shopping centre. A glorious view (including my own block of flats) and I look forward to watching whatever timelapse video they make with the pictures they record over the next couple of years!

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  1. Hi Paul, thanks for this post. I m going tonight too, not before 6pm. I think the proposed phase 1b buildings are too high for the space and effect on population density. What do you think?

    • Hi there! In principle I’m in favour of lots of building in a (perhaps currently futile) hope that it starts to bring prices down to more affordable levels. I don’t mind the heights really – I think the Citibank tower had already set a very tall precedent, and isn’t very good-looking.

      The density thing is a good point – I think it makes the case for improving services and access at Lewisham station, which could be useful in coming years if the possibility of London Overground taking over comes up again for the end of Southeastern’s newly extended franchise (to 2018). But I certainly don’t dismiss your views outright – there’s quite a bit of optimism in mine, certainly, so I can easily see how you could see it the other way.

      My biggest gripe is the continued lack of affordable housing. They’d better put a lot of that in the later phases now they’ve got away without it for these first two on the questionable grounds that they couldn’t afford the highway reconfiguration with it.

      • Hey, thanks for the reply. I think that with a the additional 1830 new homes that hae been just built/ currently under construction that even if the new phase 1b towers (a further 169 proposed) are reduced in height there will still be a desperate need for improved transport here. And then as you say there will be more homes, on the roundabout. So whatever happens it will be over 2000 extra homes. So I think we should try to make the area more liveable and leave a leafy for the future of a nice place to be, and not overshadowed by these towers. It will cut out light, the green space has been reduced by the developers. I think it will matter if the people using the space every day have to walk between two 20+ storey buildings as there is nothing left to balance out these height. Arriving at work now so a bit rushed.

      • Hi Paul, well on the strength if that meeting I ve learnt that the full plans are in place with permissions. It’ll be a great improvement so fingers crossed they get all the public transport and road flow details right now. Great informative posts btw .

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