Lewisham Gateway: more bus stop changes from now

You may not have heard about this, because Transport for London certainly haven’t made any effort to tell you, but further bus stop changes kick in around Lewisham Station from tomorrow, 21 July 2014, as major work progresses on the Lewisham Gateway development site.

Bus stops affected by temporary changes during summer 2014

Bus stops affected by temporary changes during summer 2014

Bus stop changes – details

Starting now, bus stops A and B – the ones called Lewisham Station which are located near Maggie’s, opposite each other on Lewisham Road – will be closed every day of the week between 10.00 and 15.30, until 18 September. These are the stops served by the 180, 199, 273 and 380 bus routes, in each direction.

Furthermore – and you get a little more notice on this – bus stops F and FF, also called Lewisham Station, located outside and opposite Glass Mill leisure centre on Loampit Vale, will also be closed every day of the week between 10.00 and 15.30, from 1 to 31 August 2014. Stop F is served by the 21, 47, 136, 225, 321 and 436 as they leave Lewisham town centre to head towards New Cross or Deptford. Stop FF is where routes 21 and 436 drop passengers off before they end their journeys behind the shopping centre on Molesworth Street.

You can see these stops, all with variously incorrect names (apparently because TfL told the developers the wrong stop names), on this map the developers have made.

Very unimpressively, today, less than a day before the first closure, there was no mention anywhere on or near stops A and B that these daily closures are happening at all. I’m told responsibility for such publicity lies firmly with Transport for London, but they haven’t even got an electronic message into their online stop-specific Countdown system, let alone publicity near the stop. Clearly there are a lot of ‘partner organisations’ involved in this development but if one party is singularly failing to provide timely information, perhaps it’s time for another to step in and stick up a couple of posters?

Latest photos

Lewisham Gateway progress, 19 July 2014

I’ve published another 35 or so photos from around the site over the past couple of weeks into the usual place – the top of my Lewisham Gateway album on Flickr. (All the photos have captions which you should be able to see on the web version of Flickr, at least – I think these days the apps and mobile version don’t make it easy to see the captions unfortunately.)

The photos include clear signs of work on the new Station Road, which I also tried to document on Vine on 17 July but the following short clip seemingly failed to publish successfully, so you can enjoy it here in non-looping format instead!

Consultation exhibition

Yesterday I attended the Lewisham Gateway consultation exhibition in Lewisham shopping centre and met several of the people running various aspects of the project.

Lewisham Gateway consultation exhibition

Sadly, I don’t have time to write up what we spoke about now (and I do mean sadly; I’d far rather do that than go and iron the shirts that have just finished in the washing machine). So that’ll have to wait for my next post…

4 Responses

  1. Does anyone have a map showing the new road configurations in detail? Where will traffic lights be sited? Stop signs? One-way systems? As works have already started, someone must know exactly what is planned! I’ve asked Lewisham to provide the relevant info with no luck so far.

    • You can see the full 27-month plan, including final road layout, in my earlier post of that name, but that possibly doesn’t have the fine detail you’re looking for on the roads there.

      What might be more useful is the image I used for the background of my interactive guide to Lewisham Gateway’s bus stop layout. If you can figure out what the various blobs and boxes mean, I think this probably does give you the kind of detail you’re looking for.

      Unfortunately I can’t remember which planning document I found that in to take the screenshot I used for that background, or I’d point you to that instead. I’d advise using a little caution in reading that background image, anyway, because it still shows red areas of road representing bus stops outside the police station, but these were removed from the plans in the past six months or a year, so this can’t be the absolute most up-to-date design anyway.

      • That is truly brilliant and amazing: sorry I missed your earlier post. Well done for obtaining this info but why on earth did it need an FOI request? I had already contacted VolkerFitzpatrick but they refused to help.

        Just a couple of things, with apologies if these are clearly shown in the plans and your commentary: 1) is there any way of finding out how many sets of traffic lights I will have to negotiate when driving from the “pyramid” at the south end of Molesworth Street to, say, Granville Park? 2) Again, how will cars get into the shopping centre car park from the Molesworth Street northbound carriageway?

        Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2014 12:38:30 +0000 To: ginaraggett@hotmail.com

  2. Can you tell me what’s happening with the bus stop sg loampit vale/jerrard st. Buses towards new cross

    It’s been gone a while. Road works look finished and I’d like to know when it will be put back as being disabled it’s painful to be walking a bus stop ahead or back.as I do at LEWISHAM station

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