Lewisham Station Platform 4 gate in Parliament

Thanks to everyone who’s signed the petition to get the Platform 4 entry/exit gate at Lewisham Station reopened so far – it has just hit its 100th signatory!

Meanwhile, Heidi Alexander MP (Labour, Lewisham East), who has signed and tweeted this petition, raised this in a parliamentary debate yesterday, as follows:

May I ask the Minister to revisit my correspondence with his predecessor, who is now the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, about Southeastern’s determination to keep the platform 4 gate at Lewisham station permanently closed? If we want people to use the railway instead of their cars, stations need to be as easily accessible as possible. Although I understand Southeastern’s desire to tackle fare dodging by having a fully gated station, that makes no sense when the next station stops are not gated. With a significant regeneration scheme now under way next to Lewisham station and access arrangements reduced as a result, the platform 4 gate issue has taken on new importance. Even if it cannot be reopened permanently, might a temporary relaxation be allowed for the duration of the construction works on the adjacent development project?

Robert Goodwill MP (Conservative, Scarborough and Whitby), who is Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department for Transport, responded:

The hon. Lady mentioned the platform 4 gate at Lewisham station. I have to admit that I was not aware of that problem, which is due to engineering works, but I will certainly look into it and see that it is addressed.

Fingers crossed that this achieves results!

In the meantime, please sign and continue to share the petition with your friends, family, colleagues… anyone else you think may be affected by this gate’s continuing closure.

The eastern stretch of Station Road is now shut so there’ll certainly be a lot more people wanting to do something about the extended walk now.

Incidentally, it seems the timing of the closure was a bit all-over-the-place: the original news update said the closure would be from 6 May (unless the tube strike – called off – went ahead); then today at 9.30am Lewisham Gateway tweeted:

Station Rd part-closure rescheduled to start from midday 8 May. Sorry for the change.

This seemed to fit with the Transport for London traffic order notice I’d seen on a lamppost last night, which said the changed rules for the remaining part of the road would come into effect at 12.01am on 8 May, 12 hours before their tweet said the road would close.

But by 3.10pm, that tweet had been deleted and the news then was that, in fact, the closure had already happened!

I didn’t come home that way today so I look forward to seeing this for myself in the morning. Perhaps I should stand at the closed end of Station Road handing out the web address of the Platform 4 gate petition!

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