Lewisham Gateway: new bus stand in operation

I started today with a long 2am post setting out what’s happening with the Lewisham Gateway development, because no-one else more knowledgeable seemed to be explaining it.

Unfortunately I’ve been busy for most of today but just before 10am I went for a quick look at how the new bus arrangements were working.

I’ve added ten photos I took then to my Lewisham Gateway photo set on Flickr.

The first thing I noticed on emerging from the DLR station was that bus stop C had again changed since last night, when routes 108, 178 and 261 had been crossed out on its flag. Today, they’d been removed completely and instead the flag now showed the four routes which now start here instead of at stop G: 181, 284, 484 and P4.

Lewisham station bus stop C

Stop G itself, which yesterday bore no indication it would be closing for good today, was now pretty unequivocally shut.

Lewisham Station bus stop G, closed for good

And the space which since 1978 had been Lewisham Bus Station, for the first time in goodness knows how long – not counting Christmas Days – was completely deserted:

Deserted former Lewisham Bus Station

Interestingly, there were still some taxis parked outside the station exit, as usual, so although the buses no longer enter Station Road, clearly the taxis have been allowed a little longer to continue using the road. It’ll be interesting to see how much longer they get before the road shuts in order for its eastern stretch to be moved northwards – if indeed they don’t manage to do the move while keeping the existing road open, of course.

Meanwhile, in Thurston Road, quite a contrasting scene to the above photo…

First day of new Lewisham bus stand

The 225 at the top left of that photo used to share Thurston Road only with the 47, bus-wise, but this morning it suddenly found itself with a great deal of bus company, as the new bus standing area opened for business to eight of the eleven routes which should eventually stand here between journeys.

First day of new Lewisham bus stand

The new bus standing area has a much neater layout than the old, with all buses performing a similar manoeuvre to park, driving past the target space and then reversing into it. A 181 can be seen doing this part-way through this six-second Vine video I shot this morning:

I wonder if the developers building just across Thurston Road have already sold their new flats or if prospective residents will now be visiting to look while buses are sounding their reversing signals regularly throughout every day!

First day of new Lewisham bus stand

Meanwhile I’ve had a fair bit of appreciation on Twitter and in comments for my earlier post explaining what’s going on – people have been caught out by the changes and not seen any publicity about them at all so have turned to Google or Twitter to find out what this “Lewisham Gateway” thing is, without a great deal of luck. Let’s hope as things progress more is done to explain what’s going on – or, if not, well… I’ll try!

First day of new Lewisham bus stand

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