SE13URE (I pronounce it ‘seizure’, but no-one else seems to :) ) is written by me, Paul. I live in Lewisham, London SE13, and this blog picks up where Bexcentric left off when my wife and I moved into the city from the Zone 6 suburbs in May 2010.

And when I say it picks up from there, well, Bexcentric wasn’t exactly the most frequently updated of blogs, so I’m setting the bar quite low, but I’m hoping I’ll post here a bit more. Might be a good idea not to hold your breath, though.

A lot of content on Bexcentric tended to be about the Southeastern train operating company. I imagine that may well continue to be the case here. But I reserve the right to blog about almost anything that takes my fancy. Hopefully some of it will take yours too.

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